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Lady Chesterfield CGC "Chessie"

Sept 19 1998 - Sept 26 2014

color, dark deadgrass

Had we known then what we know now, Chessie would have excelled in the field. She had a strong drive and desire to retrieve. She loved going to the beach, it was always hard to make her get out of the water when it was time to head home. 

My lovely Chessie was my best friend, a devoted companion and was the Queen of the house. Sadly we lost our girl shortly after her 16th birthday in September 2014.  

"Chessie" was the reason we love this breed so much. She started it all for us and there will never be another like her.

She was my 4 legged self.

Chessie hated the show ring with a passion! So after just getting 3 points, we decided not to push the issue and kept her out of the conformation ring. She loved the socialization part of going to the shows, just not going into the ring. She glowed with all the attention and treats she received while at a dog show. A judge once told me he wished he could judge her from what he saw outside the ring because she looked and acted like a totally differnt dog and she would have her championship easily if he could.

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