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Whispering Oak Chesapeakes Puppy Questionnaire Form

Please complete the following Application and Submit or Mail to one of the addresses on the right. Thank Your for your Interest in Our Puppies.

Whispering Oak Chesapeakes

Karen & Jim Brown

Robert-n-Alicia Patterson

Puppy Application

Is this your first Chesapeake?
What do you want this puppy for? ( Check all that apply)
If for Breeding, are you willing to work with us or a approved Breeder?
Do you agree to neuter/spay your puppy if purchased for companion purposes only?
Prefered Sex?
Preferd Color
To what level are you willing to train your dog?
Do you plan to crate train your puppy?
Will the puppy be provided with a means of daily exercise.

Thank You for your interest in Our Breed.

We are very selective of our puppies new homes and lives. We want them going to forever homes.

If your lifestyle does not have time to give them what they need to be well tempered and happy dogs,

please re-think your decision. They require a lot of Play, Socialization, Training, and Love.

They want to work to please you, even when you are busy trying to accomplish your own tasks.

Your decisions how you choose to raise a Chessie is the Temperament and Loyalty you get in return.

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