Whispering Oak Chesapeakes


Whispering Oak Chesapeakes Puppy Questionnaire Form

Please complete the following Puppy Questionnaire and email it to www.whisperinoakschesapeakes@gmail.com



Contact information:

What do you want this puppy for? ( Circle all that apply)

Pet/companion     Conformation/Show     Obedience     Hunting     Field Trails/hunt tests,     Pet Therapy   Breeding


If for Breeding, are you willing to work with the breeder?  Yes      No

Sex preferred:    Male            Female

Color Preferred:  Brown     Deadgrass      Sedge           No Preference

How soon are you looking for a puppy?

Is this your first Chesapeake?   Yes       No       If yes, what other breeds have you had? Have?

To what level are you willing to train your dog?   Puppy Kindergarten      Beginners Obedience    Advanced Obedience

Will the puppy be provided with a :  fenced yard       Kennel Run    other means of daily exercise


Where will the puppy be during the day?

Where will the puppy be at night? 

Do you plan to crate train your puppy?    Yes        No

Do you agree to neuter/spay your puppy if purchased for companion purposes?   Yes      No

Please list any other information you feel will be helpful to us in helping you select the right puppy for you and your family.

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